Plants VS Zombies

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This piece is a one of a kind collectible, handmade by Prismatic Brush and stamped by the artist; Fiona Gosschalk. It is made from quality Scupley Premo polymer clay and handcrafted with unique details that make this piece a one of a kind treasure.

This is a display figurine only and is NOT A TOY. Polymer clay is a durable material, however to ensure full enjoyment of your new piece, please handle with care. If any small breakages occur, just use a SMALL amount of super glue.

Please remember that these are made by hand and they will have small imperfections as part of the creation process, such as small fingerprints or small marks. If you are uncertain before purchasing, please contact me first! For an additional cost you may request postage insurance to better protect your piece on its long journey.

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