About Me

Hello and welcome to Prismatic Brush!

My name is Fiona, and I started Prismatic Brush as a way to share my artwork with other like minded people across the globe. Today Prismatic Brush is the face of my newest creations, handmade polymer clay dragons, dinosaurs and other critters! These little guys have kept me busy the last few months, and I have enjoyed every minute I get to spend creating each and everyone of them.

They are all handmade by myself with love, in the hope that they will bring someone else just as much joy as they have done for me! You can visit my shop to see who is currently up for adoption!

Every little pet comes with their own Adoption Certificate and are gift wrapped as a special thank you for adopting. Thank you so much for showing interest in my creations, as an artist your likes, follows and shares mean the world to me!

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