Prices & Shipping

Please keep in mind these prices are in Australian dollars only, please use a currency convertor if you're from another country.


Starting January 1, 2021, businesses selling to and from the UK will be subject to new regulations, customs, and duties because of the UK’s exit from the EU. As such, I will no longer be shipping items to the UK from January 1st, 2021 until I can aquire the legal means to do so.

ATTN: This will now also apply to EU as of July the 1st 2021.

I'm so sorry for the inconvience!

Shipping Prices:

If you purchase multiple items from my shop I will combine the cost of shipping and refund any additional shipping charges that may have occured from seperate purchases. I'm not responsible for any customs or import taxes that may apply and I'm also not responsible for any delays due to customs, so be sure to calculate this cost into your purchase before buying. 
  • Australia / Local: $7AUD
  • Worldwide Shipping: $15AUD

How long will shipping take?

Please allow up to 3 days for me to package your order and have it sent to the post office. Once they are at the post office, they may take anywhere from 9-16 business days shipping time if it is an international order OR 3-6 business days if you are within Australia. Please also consider potential shipping delays that are outside of my control (for eg. customs and weather events) and therefore not my responsibilty.

I use Australia Post to send my parcels and I will always provide a tracking number. If you are concerned about the time it is taking to recieve your order, please contact me at or on instagram @prismaticbrush

You can also upgrade your postage to express or add additional insurance which can be purchased at an extra cost. Please contact me ASAP if this is what you require, as I'm usually very fast at processing orders.

    Figurine Prices:

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    This Pricing Guide will give you a better idea of the average cost of my pets from a basic level up to a highly detailed level, but is subject to change depending on each sculpture.

    This category includes baby dinosaurs and baby dragons that are roughly 1-3inches long/high. 

    For a baby sized pet, prices will START at:
    • Basic: $65AUD in shop
    • Detailed: $80AUD+ in shop


    This category includes sea ponys on display bases and small dragons that are roughly 3-4inches long/high. 

    For a small sized pet, prices will START at:
    • Basic: $90AUD in shop
    • Detailed: $100AUD+ in shop


    This category includes large dragons, griffons and unicorns (sometimes other animals) that are roughly 4-6inches long/high.

    For a large sized pet, prices will START at:
    • Basic: $150AUD in shop
    • Detailed: $200AUD+ in shop
        • Large Display Base: Currently only available with AUCTIONED pieces. Please follow my Instagram @Prismaticbrush for annoucements on auction pieces.