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IF you want a critter that I have not mentioned below, please reach out to me first. Keep in mind that my art is focused on Dragons, Reptiles and Dinosaurs so please do not request anything I have not made previously. 


PLEASE NOTE - This is a preorder! you will receive a critter similar to the one in the photo made especially for you!  

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be handmade and completed - then an additional time for the postal system to process and send your parcel. I always aim to finish orders in a week and I am happy to make exceptions if you need your order in a hurry. Postage times can be found on my website. Generally 2-3 business days for parcels within Australia, and up to 16 business days for international.  



This little Pet is a one of a kind collectible Prisma Pet, handmade by Prismatic Brush and stamped by the artist; Fiona Gosschalk. Each little Prisma Pet is made from quality Scupley Premo polymer clay and handcrafted with unique details that make each one of them stand out. 

You will also receive a signed adoption certificate that includes your little pets birth details and personality traits.

This is a display figurine only and is NOT A TOY. Polymer clay is a durable material, however to ensure full enjoyment of your new little pet, please handle with care. If any small breakages occur, just use a SMALL amount of super glue.

Please remember that these pets are made by hand and they will have small imperfections as part of the creation process, such as small fingerprints or small marks. If you are uncertain about a pet before purchasing, please contact me first! For an additional cost you may request postage insurance to better protect your little pet on its long journey.

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